Installation and Training
We provide installation and training purposes on all instruments sold to customers.
Assessment and Repairing
We provide assessment service on those malfunction laboratory instruments at customer places.
We provide servicing for instruments:
-biosafety cabinet
-chiller and freezer
-laminar air flow
-vacuum pump 

For assessment, repair, servicing and warranty claim

Kindly provide all necessary information as below:
1. company name
2. department name
3. individual requestor name
4. office phone number
5. personal contact number
6. company full address (same place as where the problem unit located at?)
7. product name, brand and model (with attached photo and video)
8. product purchased from our company?: (Yes / No)
9. product purchased from our company still under warranty period?: (Yes / No)
    -if still until warranty then kindly provide invoice no. and serial no. 
10. kindly check and answer the below questionnaires before you request for warranty claim:
    -power supply at your building no tripping and switch on?  (Yes / No)
    -have you try with another power socket at different port and place?  (Yes / No)
    -please describe in full and precise on the problem of the unit