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NE Scientific is a laboratory product and service provider to researchers in Malaysia for more than 10 years. Our company located at Kuala Lumpur. We are one of your best choice business and research partners in setting up a new lab too. We supply laboratory instruments, equipments, labwares, glasswares, plastiswares, chemicals etc. We do carry the brands like 3M, Alfa Aesar, Acros, Atago, BD / Difco, Bendosen, Biobase, BioMerieux, Bomex, Carbolite, Chemie, Daihan, Duran, Edwards, Elma, Eppendorf, Eutech, Faithful, Fisher, Fluka, Hamilton, Hanna, Hirayama, Hmbg, Memmert, Merck, N-Tec, ProScientz, Pyrex, Rocker, R & M, Scilabo, Shinsun-techno, Sigma-Aldrich, Supelco, Taisite, Terumo, Velp, Waring, Whatman and many others.