Important notes:
*We are importer and trading company in Malaysia. Our business mode is 100% online business through email. We are not a conventional retail display shop. Hence, we do not have open counter operating daily to serve those walk-in customers.  However, you can comfortably browse our website for product information then email in your inquiries to us.

Order and purchase procedures: 

Terms and conditions: 
*Down payment received and goods ordered (RO/PO), sent and sold are not cancelled, returned and refundable (unless the mistake is from us).
*We reserved the right to cancel and substitute discontinued products with other products which are equivalent value.

*Proof of delivery is the DO or consignment note (if delivery done by courier services) or with photo snap (if delivery done by transporter).

*All loss and damage not due to manufacturing defect must be reported immediately during delivery to the delivery person or notify NE Scientific on the next day after the delivery took places by email to Kindly attached together with video and clear pictures taken. The video and pictures should include with damage item and the packing eg: wrapping paper, newspaper and box. Failure to report immediately on any loss and damage will result the broken or damaged parts will not be responsible by NE Scientific since the products already handed without any loss and damage and checked by customers.

*Late penalty of 1.5% per month from the total invoice value will be imposed if the payment has been delay from the given term. It is customer’s responsibility to bear 100% on all reasonable fees & costs (including attorneys’ fees) if customers refuse to make payment after 4th months from the the invoice date.